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Monday, July 23, 2018 The third decade of the building engineering organization
Dr. Mehdi Ravanshadnia, Member of the Board of Directors of Tehran University Building Engineering Organization and Faculty Member The engineering community
The engineering community can play a special role in technology, entrepreneurship and development of the country. Nevertheless, the engineers of this country have both serious business concerns and important professional concerns. These days, the building engineering community faces the challenge of the recession, the disproportionate burden of engineers' legal responsibility and regulatory tariffs, the joblessness of building engineering activity in labor law, the unacceptable share of engineers in the management of specialized institutions such as Islamic city councils, , The inappropriateness of students' acceptance of the labor market demand and, as a result, the increasing problem of unemployed graduates, the   
structural problems of production and participation in this area and dozens of other issues. Professional concerns are not limited. Longevity of buildings, construction failure by the owner of the building, long construction permit issuance, serious problems in the supply chain from standard material production to destruction and recycling, non-development of the quality assurance insurance, and the identification of the technical technical characteristics of the property and the lack of use of specialized capacities In the area of ​​maintenance, smart buildings and sustainable buildings are the hardships of today's building industry professionals. What is the result of this situation is the rule of the general atmosphere of leakage in engineering activities of the country, which can have long-term effects on the country's economic and cultural development. Today, more than 20 years since the passing of the law on the engineering and control system of buildings, and the drafting of the new law in the parliament and government, it is good to revisit the role and role of the institutions related to construction, and in reenacting the role of the organizations of the engineering system of building measures Will happen. In a new perspective, problems such as neglecting case examples of conflict between the interests of active institutions of construction and individuals (for example, natural persons and legal entities) in the current law and the lack of transparency of the duties of the organization of building engineering systems with their professional responsibilities, Be considered. Although the building engineering system alone can not be expected to solve a lot of problems, but considering the current situation, the third decade of the legal activities of these organizations is dependent on solving some of these problems. Engineering organizations can, more than once, represent the members of their 400,000 members, follow professional and professional demands of engineers and, in coordination with other executive agencies (including the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Labor , Municipalities and the State Department)Plans for development of engineers' activities, revision of the capacity of engineering disciplines, attention to the pyramid and promotion of engineering education curricula, the dispatch of technical engineering graduates to the applicant countries, the issuance of technical engineering services, the improvement of the quality of construction and, finally, assistance to the development of our beloved country. Knock If we can provide the conditions for the transformation of space into a dynamic empathy with the participation of all stakeholders in the building industry and the use of the power of consensus, the third decade of engineering and building control can be a decade of excellence in all domains and helping Achievement of high goals such as those seen in the 20-year vision of the country.


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